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Diagonale des Fous ✦ LITTLE YETI Studio


When the mountain wins you... cramps too.


HYÔKA, the perfect blend of the Care Bear and the diva. 


When little YETI doesn't listen to music... he does.


Always in search of discoveries and beautiful surprises.

In short.

in the center 

little YETI had the opportunity to learn and evolve in large groups such as TF1, Orange, M6, Warner Home Video...

He invested in it & flourished for more than 12 years.

Today, he has chosen to use his acquired skills for the benefit of other companies and individuals: Creativity, Rigor, Marketing, etc. 

little YETI studio is also a true culture of innovation, benevolence, a passion for music & the trail, lots of coffee.



Why little YETI gets up every morning 

you look so good.

Be creative... or stay put. 

No standard offer, no templates, no Crtl+C / Ctrl+V. Your projects are unique, our ideas too.

What motivates us is to offer you a project totally tailor-made to your universe, your needs. little Yeti takes advantage of its 15 years of experience to offer you a unique answer... with a view to success, transparency and quality.

The user at the center, 

innovation around.

Reconciling beauty and efficiency,  make buddy buddy between UX and UI, less talk and more actions.

To solve the business problems of its customers, little YETI prefers story-doing to story-telling.

A dynamic and interactive way of working, which saves you time. 

This is why we spend the time necessary to study your target in order to offer optimized and realistic ergonomics. All around, we affix our requirement to make the project a memorable experience.

The requirement,

aesthetic & technical.

little YETI, beyond the success of the project, we have one goal: to be proud of it.

For each project, little YETI maintains extremely high standards and ambitions. For what ? It's simple, he considers your projects as his own... Anyway, he couldn't help it.


and human.

little YETI, Beyond the success of the project, we have a goal: to be proud

What makes the value of little YETI is the human. More than for customers, it is for partners that little YETI works. For each project, little YETI demonstrates great involvement in order to support them as best as possible.

Construire quelque chose de très fort entre nous.

Strong and personalized support in your projects for a solid and lasting relationship.

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